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Ads and Management FAQ's

Insert and manage your ads is simple but if you have any doubt you're in the right place!

Inserting Ads

All ads on TradeMyBike are for valid for 60 days. (aprrox 8 Weeks)

Once listed why not upgrade to a premium listing, putting you ad on top of categories, and on the front page! All for an additional small fee. (approx £3.00)

Let us compare that to Motorcycle News

Basic Package

Weeks on Website - 2

Price - £19.99

Premium Ad - No

Standard Package

Weeks on Website - 3

Price - £29.99

Premium Ad - No

Premium Package

Weeks on Website - 4

Price - £39.99

Premium Ad - Yes

An ad is easy. Click on "Post your ad now", fill out the required fields. Choose the title carefully and the description to make it more effective. Finally, do not forget the photo: an ad with photos is several times more likely to be viewed, do not hesitate to make your ad more attractive. Once you have entered this information click on "Publish", your ad will become live.
To get your contact number on the listing, visit your profile and update any contact details in there.

You can not post the same ad in multiple categories. An ad can be published once in a single category, duplicates will be removed. Funds paid for premium will still remain in the hands of TradeMyBike. (so please refrain from doing duplicate ads)

You can insert images using the button that you find in the post my ad form. Images must be in one of the following formats: GIF, BMP, PNG or JPEG. If you encounter difficulties, we suggest you edit images by reducing or increasing its size. (640x480 pixels is the recommended size).

A confirmation email is received at TradeMyBike to confirm that.
1.The ad has been paid for.
2.The ad is running.
If your ad is not showing within 2 hours, then please use the contact us page, we aim to respond during normal working hours.

Currently your ad will be online for 60 days.
Remember that you can delete the post at any time if you sell your item.

Ad Management

You will always be informed by mail of the status of your ad. (please ensure you check your spam folder)

To easily manage all your ads on TradeMyBike, view Listings in your account "Area" and you will see the list of your active ads. In case you already have an active listing, you can view the location of your ad by opening the link on the title. Finally, you can also search for it by entering in the search bar title, category or city.

If you want to change your ad, retrieve the mail received at the time of publication, or click "Login" and goto to your Account Area.
Remember that you can not change the following fields: Advertiser name or email address.

You can delete your ads with ease from your Account Area or the mail received at the time of publication. In any case, your ad will be automatically deleted after 90 days of the publication.

You will have to register as a user, before you can email or phone an advertiser. (unless the advertiser has put a contact number within the ad)

Promoting My Ad FAQ's

Purchase more visibility for your ads!

Make My Ad Premium

The "Premium" your ad in rotation in a random position of the list ads, making it much more visible. The duration of the service is the same as a normal listing, but you can have a total of 9 images.
You can put your ad into premium by visiting your account, clicking on Listings and selecting Make My Ad Premium.
The "Premium" your ad will be on the prime location of the home page, making it much more visible.
You can buy the service from the comfort of your Account Area. You can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron) by using PayPal. Your ad is automatically updated to premium listing, upon cleared funds, and then you ad EDIT your ad to upload further images.
The advertisements published in premium are shown in rotation on the homepage and in a privileged position when a visitor selects one or more of the following search criteria: • the region (or city) in which your ad was inserted
• the category to which your ad belongs
• a search word which is present in your ad
Your ad will remain in premium for the same duration as the original listing.

Further Questions? Contact Us