A guide to biking

Buying used motorbikes in the United Kingdom

Decide what type of bike would suit you best, using the guide below. Be realistic about what you are going to use it for.

Then once you have decided,search our site for used motorbikes in United Kingdom

  • Dealer or private sale? With the first, you may pay bit more, but you get more security and back-up. With the second, you save money buying, but need to know what you are doing, or bring someone who does.
  • Check the insurance and servicing costs.
  • Google the bike you are thinking of to see what bike magazines and other users say about it, and also to get a view on its price.
  • If it is a private sale, ask the seller why they are selling it.

Our Guide to different Motorbike types

Naked or street bikes

As the name suggests, these are bikes stripped down to the basics, with small fairings or none at all, the engine visible, and usually no screen or luggage panniers.

Plus points: Lightweight, economical, with better performance than a cruiser and more comfortable riding position than a sports bike. Naked bikes with larger engines, known as muscle bikes, have the performance of sports bikes but retain the comfort of traditional naked bikes. There is a huge variety available from most bike manufacturers.

Minus points: Little wind and weather protection and no luggage, but those can be changed with optional screens, panniers or topbox.

Typical user: Commuter who fancies occasional weekend fun.


Lower, stretched version of naked bike, with matching riding position. Usually associated with Harleys, but also produced by Japanese manufacturers, plus Victory, Triumph, Ducati etc.

Plus points: Stable and unthreatening, especially for shorter riders. Usually have V-twin engines which sound great and have a relaxed power delivery. Often customised with loads of extras.

Minus points: Ponderous handling, especially in models with long, shallow forks and feet-forward riding position. Larger cruisers can be top-heavy and need care cornering at low speeds. Generally poorer acceleration and braking than sports bikes, with the exception of the Ducati Diavel.

Typical user: Cool dude who prefers looks to outright performance.


Built for long-distance comfort, with screens, fairings, big fuel tanks and matching luggage capacity. Bigger models come with everything from satnav and sound systems to heated seats and grips, and believe it or not, air bags.

Typical examples include the rugged BMW R1200GS Adventure of Ewan and Charley fame, the evergreen Harley Road King, the plush Honda Goldwing and the sports tourers BMW K1600GT or Triumph ST. Sports tourers, as the name suggests, are tourers with better performance and handling.

Plus points: Comfortable and effortless for long hours in the saddle.

Minus points: Expensive, not great for pottering through town in heavy traffic.

Typical user: Adventurer on way to Timbuktu, or dreamer on way to the local supermarket.

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Getting to know your number plates and years.

Below is a list to help identify the year and plates.

2001/02 = 51

2002/03 = 02/52

2003/04 = 03/53

2004/05 = 04/54

2005/06 = 05/55

2006/07 = 06/56

2007/08 = 07/57

2008/09 = 08/58

2009/10 = 09/59

2010/11 = 10/60

2011/12 = 11/61

2012/13 = 12/62

2013/14 = 13/63

2014/15 = 14/64

2015/16 = 15/65

2016/17 = 16/66

2017/18 = 17/67

2018/19 = 18/68

2019/20 = 19/69