5 Ways to make a profit selling your motorbike

There are many ways in order to profit from selling your motorbike.

We list the top five ways to make a sale of your motorbike easy.


1. Sell your motorbike using Trademy.bike 

Sounds simple, we show your ad to hundreds of potential like minded bikers a day, you do not need to spend lots of your hard earned cash advertising with the other providers. 


2. Make sure your bike is as clean and tidy as it can be.

Having a clean bike shows the potential purchaser that you look after the bike and therefore will put the customer at ease and will be less likely to haggle the price down.


3. Know your potential market value of your bike.

Using Trademy,bike you can search for bikes and compare prices and condition to the one your are selling.


4. Using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)

Trademy.bike upload your ad to all three of these sites automatically. You do not need to do anything apart from sharing your ad to your friends and family, which has a snowball effect and will help sell your bike quicker.


5. Making a profit from your sale.

If you have bought a motorbike recently, then the chances are the price has not changed much. Alternatively if you have had the bike for some time, engage your audience with as much information on your ad including any add ons, service history, good and bad points.


Happy selling using Trademy.bike

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